Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Day 9 - Inner Geek

 Hi guys, I'm back today with Day 9 of the NAGG challenge, and the prompt for today is Inner Geek.  There are so many things I could have done for this prompt, mostly involving Sci-Fi, but since there's already a Sci-Fi prompt later in the month, I decided to take it in a different direction.

 So, lets start with a little fun fact about me then shall we? :) I really like doing basic algebra!  I remember when we first covered it in high school, there was just something I found very soothing about filling in the gaps in equations.  I didn't study it after high school. I'm not some sort of maths genius or anything, but it was just something I enjoyed, so I decided to base my mani on that.
 I just painted my nails with Sally Hansen CSM - Lavender Cloud, and when it was dry, went in with some Sharpies and wrote out all the equations.  I'll admit, I googled for a worksheet since it was late and I was tired, although I did come up with a few of them myself :)
I also used some SV over the white base so I could draw some squiggles in Sharpie and wipe them away again with a bit of remover for that authentic mucky whiteboard look - you know how there's always a bit of the word left behind :D  
So, what do you guys think of my inner geek mani then? (be nice :p)  How about algebra - anyone else like it, or do you all think I'm a total weirdo now ;)
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