Yellow Zebra Nails- Stamp over a Saran wrap method base

Hello everyone!

Ever since I saw a picture of a yellow zebra called Zoe, I've wanted to make yellow zebra nails. The challenge in Adventures In Stamping, about a month ago, was "Stamping over a Saran wrap method base". So the base is the pastel yellow and gold saran wrap mani I showed you in the latest blog post. And I stamped with Konad White and these four stamping plates:

Stamping plates used:

a) Cheeky Jumbo Plate 9 "Wild at Heart"- zebra face with left eye
b) A Chinese plate (Sorry, but I don't know how to write the letters) The seller calls it "QA Series 2012 Anniversary Edition" -zebra face with right eye
c) Pueen 10 from the Sumptuous Gallery set- thick stripes
d) Konad m 57- bending stripes

And here are the nail polish bottles:

Nail polish used:

H&M: Want a lemon - yellow
H&M: Run Baby Run - gold
Konad: White - white stamping polish

The photo I saw of Zoe shows a zebra with blue eyes, and yellow stripes instead of black stripes. But the color looks more orange than the color on my nails. Now I've seen other photos of her where the color of the stripes look more like a golden retriever's. Zoe is not an albino, but has a disorder called amelanosis. Because zebras with this coloring look different from their herd, they are in danger when they live in the wild. Zoe is kept in an animal sanctuary in Hawaii.

I liked the yellow zebra nails very much, and they matched one of my T- shirts. But the gold doesn't show well, so next time I stamp over a saran wrap base, I think I'll choose colors that are more different.



Simple Leapord Print

*All items in this post were purchased by me
This is a mani I wore a few weeks ago, just some simple leapord print with a couple of accent nails with the colours reversed.  I dont have a bottle shot for this one, but the polishes used were Nail Envy Matte, Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia, Rimmel 60 seconds Black Out, Barry M Silver Foil Effects, and Seche Vite.  
This is one of the manis I did before switching to a squishy stamper.  This one's not too bad because my nails are quite short here, however I have a mani sitting in my unposted folder where my nails were longer, and it's pretty terrible!  I'm debating posting it, as I love the colour combo, but the stamping's so bad.   I may even re-do the mani, then post both of them together to show the improvement.  What do you guys think, do you want to see it?

 Anyway, enough rambling........... I started out with a base of Black Out on my ring finger and thumb, and Metallic Fuchsia on the others, then stamped with the top image from CH1 from Cheeky's 2012 collection with Barry M Silver Foil, and filled in some of the spots with a medium sized dotting tool and the opposing colours.

This was the first manis I did where I was actually happy with my stamping.  I've only been stamping for a few months so I'm still learning : )

Sorry there's only 1 picture, I did this before I was sure I was going to start a blog, and I was just taking pictures of my nails, you know, just in case. 

Can you tell I am SO not used to posing my fingers for photos yet?


Slick Lacquer [Update] IGP

Indie Guide Post Update 

Remember Slick Lacquer on the Indie Guide project here? Just a quick post to update you about the brand!
Lembram-se do post sobre a Slick Lacquer no Guia dos Indies aqui? Um pequeno post de actualização! 

Here are the latest collections by Slick Lacquer! 
Eis as últimas colecções desta marca Indie. 

Diskotek Collection - 8 Polishes

Spring is Sprung - 5 Polishes 

July 4th, 1776 Nail Polish Duo


Mollon Pro Sand Collection - PREVIEW

They are here!! Lets see some nail wheel swatches while I do proper nail swatches! I know you've been dying to get your eyes on what do they actually look like!!

Eu sei que andam louc@s para ver como eles ficam nas unhas e portanto, enquanto eu preparo os swatches completos, fica aqui um cheirinho de como estes lindos meninos ficam nas unhas!! 

 Mollon Tag 

Para mais informações sobre preços ou outras questões

There is one more color, #154 that is not available at the moment! I'll provide swatches as soon as it is available.
A coleção contém mais uma cor, o #154 que de momento está indisponível. Assim que possivel completarei os swatches com esse tom!

I really don't have a special  favorite! They are all beyond gorgeous! 
But... the one I love the most is #150, the Purple with holographic shimmer that is already on my nails! 
And you!? What do you think about them?! Let me know!

Não tenho uma selecção de favoritos.. são todos deslumbrantes.. Mas... o roxinho com glitter e shimmer holográfico  #150 conquistou o meu coração e já está nas minhs unhas desde ontem à noite! 

E voces? Têm 1 ou vários favoritos? Contem-me tudo!!

See you soon,



Bundle Monster 2013 Stamping Plates Set NEW

Check it all out and keep stalking   this page !!


The nice kind of swirly

*All products in this post were purchased with my own money.
This is a mani I wore a few days ago.  It's my 2nd attempt with a XL stamper, and while it's nowhere near perfect, it is definately a huge improvement from when I was using a regular stamper.  If anyone is having trouble with stamping, I would hugely recommend it.  It just makes the whole process so easy!

Here are the polishes I used in this mani:

Nail Envy Matte, Barry M - Blue Grape, Gallery - Silver Moon, Barry M Silver Foil, and my trusty Seche Vite.  Also included in the picture are my XL stamper, and stamping plate PUEEN46 from the Love Elements Collection. (Purchased from

I stamped the bottom image from this plate with Barry M Silver Foil, over 2 coats of Barry M Blue Grape, and did a gradient of Silver Moon and Blue Grape on my pinky and thumb.  I then added a single blue square rhinestone to the middle of the gradient nails, and sealed them with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

I am really loving this plate collection from Pueen.  So far I have had no problems with any of the images from this set, and they come with a free holder, which is a nice little touch.  I am really considering purchasing the other set they have.  The images are small in this one, but I have small nails anyway, so it's not a problem for me.

 Anyway, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  Like this combo?  Hate it?  Think that that watermark on the last photo looks kinda weird? Yeh, me too!  
Any feedback in regards to the post itself would be greatly appreciated.............just be gentle, I'm a total newbie : )


Messy Mansion Stamping Plates

Messy Mansion Stamping Plates

About Messy Mansion and their creator:

"Messy Mansion is owned by Julia McGowan, a 40′s something housewife with a hubby,  2 small boys and a “renovator’s dream” sarcastically called “The Mansion”.

Hoping to bring some girly stuff into her life (despite the constant barrage of dinosaurs, pirates and mud) she began painting her nails to relax, and then discovered nail stamping.  Finding supplies difficult to come by in Australia, she decided to take the plunge and share this delightfully easy nail art with others.   After all, we all need pampering to balance out our often overly hectic lives! " 

What do you think about this new stamping plates? Have you had the chance to see them?
My favs are 21, 10 and 8! And yours?

O que acham destas novas plaquinhas? Já conheciam?
As minhas favoritas são a 21, a 10 e a  8! E as vossas?

See you soon,