Goodbye 2013 - Happy New Year 2014

O.P.I. - My Favorite Ornament - 
Mariah Carey Christmas Collection

To my...

The Just passing thought dude...

2013 was a great year! Full of new acomplishments, news polishes, new collections and most of all a lot of encounters with a lot of people that are now very dear to me.
People like you, that are part of my nail polish world and that I value a lot!

Thank you all out there, for all you suport and interest every single day !

I hope 2014 will be a year even better than 2013 was!

Happy New Year to all of you!


Spotted: NEW 2014 Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection

The Wet n Wild Fergie 2014 products have landed! There are NEW and REPROMOTED products  in this display and I believe that everything here is permanent (not limited edition). Thanks to some lovely readers, I've got the scoop for you today!

First up, reader Stephanie (@stepstate on Instagram) spotted this display at her Walgreens this week and was nice enough to share lots of pics with us:



Spotted: NEW Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blonde and Brunette Blushes and Bronzers

Remember last week when I posted that sneak peek at the Spring 2014 products from Physicians Formula? Well I had no idea that some of these products are already popping up in stores! Huge thanks to reader Kayla (@kelizabeth9o on Instagram) for this sighting--Kayla spotted the new Powder Palettes for Spring 2014 at her local Meijer this week and shared this pic:

image credit: Kayla for Nouveau


The Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales (12/29 - 1/4)

Your weekly wrap-up of drugstore beauty sales and more...

NOTE: Now through the end of December, the weekly wrap-ups are going to be short & sweet due to time constraints. As always, if you have any tips you would like to share about how to maximize your savings with this week's sales, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks in advance for your help and understanding!


Last Spellbound Nails Sale of the Year

Hello my lovelies!! The last sale of the year is going on in both my Etsy and my Storenvy shops. Another bit of amazing news - you can now get to my Etsy shop using Yes, I finally got around to buying my domain name!! So exciting. I will be working extra hard on building my own website to go along with that domain name in the new year. Fingers crossed as we head into the new year. :)

And for those of you that have trouble loading images. Use the code GOODBYE2013 for 13% off your entire order until 12:00am 1/1/14. There is no minimum purchase required and this code will work for sale polishes too. :)

Until next time,


MoYou - London - NEWS - Schoolar Collection


 MoYou-London did it again!This friday a new collection will be lauched! This time the theme is school and the plates are gorgeous and originals!
I love the notebook background patterns! They are way to cute!! I love them all but #1 is really something!
Do you have a favorite or you love them all?? Let me know!

Happy New Year!


*brand info by the end of the post*

Schoolar Collection!

MoYou-London info:


Winterberry Nail Art Review - Part 1

 *Some products in this post were discounted in exchange for review.
Hi guys, recently I was contacted by the lovely Rachel from Winterberry Nail Art, to see if I would like to review a few items from her Etsy store.  She stocks a range of nail art supplies including some really cool 3D charms, and one of my favourite things ever - circle glitter!  How could I say no.........

These are the things I chose, and the cute little box that they came in - as you can see, I opted for pots for most things, but you can get them in a bag for a little less if you already have pots at home. 
Since I picked quite a few items, I will only be showing you the 2 circle glitters today.  I will do the rest in 2 or 3 more posts - that way you can see everything in action. (those blue-black rhinestones at the back are ah-maz-ing!)
 So first up are the gorgeous pink holo circles.  The base for this mani is Sinful Colors - Black on Black, and the stamping polish is Color Club - Miss Bliss.  The butterflies were stamped from MoYou Pro Collection 09.  For the accent nail, I just added a coat of clear polish, and placed the glitters on the nail with a wax pencil.  I used 2 coats of Gelous under my SV to smooth it right out - I have a habit of picking at things otherwise.
 It was really difficult to capture the intensity of the holo in a photo, but as you can see in this one, the face of the glitter is multifaceted, so it really twinkles in the light.
Then I did a different design with the silver ones.  This is actually the second time I have used the silver ones, I wore them on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, that was the mani I absent-mindedly doodled on with my Barry M Nail Art pen in the taxi ride home :p
The base for this mani was Revlon Scented - Bubble Gum, and as the name would suggest, it's a lot pinker in real life than it looks here.  The stupid yellow light bulb strikes again!  I will be showing you proper swatches of this when I have my daylight bulb.
 The heart image was also stamped from MoYou Pro Collection 09, with Barry M - Silver Foil.  Again, I used 2 coats of Gelous and 1 coat of SV to smooth it all out.  The silver glitters did seem to like to stick together in the pot, so I did need to spend a minute or 2 separating them.  The pink ones didn't do that at all though, and it wasn't too much of a hassle :)
The shop is currently closed for the holiday's, but will be opening back up on 1st January. 
ps. A pot of circle glitter, that will last for ages is only 85p - how cool is that?

*Rachel has kindly given me a discount code to share with you guys :)  Use the code PEPIPO15 at the checkout for 15% off all items, including sale items.  


Essie Virgin Orchid with ILNP Sugar Blossom, Serum No 5 Fame and Water Decals

I made this manicure over month ago, but for some reason I haven't never posted it. I think it's about time to get this one out too, so here it comes.

I started this mani with three coats of Essie Virgin Orchid and then I topped that with one coat of I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossom and one coat of Serum No 5 Fame. Finally I added some water decals on my ring and pinky nails.

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted this before... This isn't the most innovative manicure out there, but I still thought it was quite nice and simple mani. 

Though I'm not sure if those water decals were really the best idea. I think I might have liked the look more without them:
Essie Virgin Orhic is a bit of grandma type of color but I still liked the polish very much and I love that gold shimmer. ILNP Sugar Blossom is really amazing glitter topper! I only have the ultra mini bottle of this one though... I really wish I'd have the full size version. I'm not too sure if I like Serum No 5 Fame here or if it's even in general right topper for me.

For ones I remembered to take a picture of all the polishes and the decals I used! 

Essie Virgin Orchid
I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossom
Serum No 5 Fame
HK Girl Glisten&Glow Top Coat
water decals


Tämä manikyyri on pyörinyt postattavien joukossa jo pitkän aikaa, mutta jostain syystä en vain ole saanut tätä postattua. Ei tässä tietysti mitään ihmeellistä ole ja tämä oli lähinnä osastoa ihan kiva, mutta täytyyhän tämäkin nyt joskus saada julkaistua.

Käytin tähän siis Essien Virgin Orchid lakkaa, jonka päälle kerrostin yhdet kerrokset sekä I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossomia että Serum No 5:n Famea. Lopuksi lisäsin vielä siirtokuvat nimettömiin ja etusormiin. En tiedä oliko nuo siirtokuvat tähän nyt kaikista paras idea, sillä tykkäsin yhdistelmästä ehkä enemmän ilman niitä.

Essien Virgin Orchid on hieman sellainen mummomaisen värinen, mutta silti todella kaunis lakka kultaisine shimmereineen. ILNP:n Sugar Blossom on todella nätti glitteri topperi, harmittaa hieman, että minulla on siitä vain tuo superpieni pullo. Serum No 5 ei tässä lakkauksessa sykähdyttänyt mitenkään erityisesti enkä tiedä onko se muutenkaan niin kovin mieleeni.


Gel Polish Swatches of 2013

2013 was the year I started using gel polish! It was a great experience and I intend to keep using and testing new brands and shades! 
Check out what I've been up too with gel polish! 

2013 foi o ano em que me aventurei no verniz de gel! Já há muito tempo que estava curiosa e queria experimentar e este foi o ano em que o fiz! Gostei bastante da experiência e vou continuar a usar e a testar novas marcas e cores!
Após a quebra podem ver o que andei a cuscar e a testar e o que está já em testes para ser publicado no próximo ano!

  •  Mollon Pro
    • Mollon Pro Hybrid Shine UV Gel Polish  - all here
    •  Mollon Pro Hybrid Shine Color Guide and How To here

    • Mollon Pro Monophase Gel Polish
  • GL Nails
    • GL Nails UV Gel Polish here
    • GL Nails Monophase Gel Polish (not published yet)

  • Sensationails
    • Sensationails Gel Polish - Review & How to here

  • Essence
Essence Gel Polish  - It was a bad experience, I will tell you later about it.

Under Testing / Em testes

    • Nails Divine Gel Polish 

    • Cliché Gel Polish
      • Marfim
      • Duo Base/Top Coat
    •  SB Nails
      • Base/Top Coat

 Untested / Ainda não testado:

  • Andreia Gel Polish
  • Kinetics Gel Polish
  • Purple  Professional Gel Polish

Other Useful Tags:


Total Beauty Favorites Sampler Collection: $12.75 plus free shipping for Nouveau Cheap readers!

Would you like to get all nine of the products below for just $12.75 and FREE SHIPPING?

Total Beauty Favorites Sampler Collection

$12.75 for Nouveau Cheap readers + FREE SHIPPING

Restock your beauty closet with the Total Beauty Favorites Sampler Collection. It's a roundup of the most popular products from Total Beauty Shops. Packed with nine products, it's the perfect way to stock up


Spotted: More Big Top Coats from Sally Hansen

Remember the Big Shiny Top Coat and Big Matte Top Coat that were first spotted in the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art display back in November? Well good ol' Ms. Hansen isn't stopping with just those two new top coats. There are six additional Big Top Coats now hitting stores!

Many thanks to reader Susie for this one. Susie spotted all eight of the Big Top Coats at her local Walmart recently and


The Lipstick League – week of 12.23.13

Lipstick League Question of the Week

Do you have any beauty-related New Year Resolutions?

G's answer: I have pretty much the same ones every year! Take better care of my skin, drink more water, get more know how it goes!

Links of the Week

Gouldylox Reviews - I made the perfect Orchid lipstick, thanks to Giella. Seriously. It's perfect. (You can make your own, too!)


New from Avon: Color Créme Eyeshadows and more (plus free shipping on orders of $10 or more)

There are some interesting new eye cosmetics now on the Avon website, and the timing couldn't be better if you want to try any of these! Now through the end of the year (Tuesday) you can get FREE SHIPPING with any $10 purchase with code SPREE2013 on the Avon website. So let's take a closer look at these new eye goodies:

image source:

NEW Avon Color Créme Eyeshadows

(retail: $2.99


Spotted: NEW Organix Kukui Oil Collection

Long before argan oil was a "thing" in haircare, there was kukui nut oil (otherwise known as candlenut oil). For many years (decades, actually) I've been a fan of Paul Brown Hawaii Wash Elite Shampoo and Resurrect Conditioner, both of which contain kukui nut oil. I find that haircare products that contain kukui nut oil work very well for my hair, which is oily at the roots and dry at the ends.


MoYou - London News

New Plates (Again!)!

  • Kira the Tourist -  3new plates - Moscow, Tokyo and Las-Vegas. 
  • Tara the Biker 2 new plates
I loveeeee TOKYO plate and the Biker 9!! And you?

brand info by the end of the post

 Stamping Polish !!

Biker Collection

Tourist Collection

MoYou-London info:


Just in...

I just received some pics of the new NYX Tinted Moisturizers and pricing info for all of the other new NYX products I posted pics of earlier today. Check out my original post here!


(UPDATED) Spotted: New NYX products for 2014 (BB Cream, Butter Lipsticks and more!)

Update: More pics just added to the bottom of this post! I've also received pricing for all of the products featured (see info below each pic).

Many thanks to two lovely readers for these sightings! NYX is releasing lots of new products for 2014 and many of them have just landed at Ulta!

First up, reader Kratrina of All The Beautiful Colors blog found the following displays at her local Ulta


Sunday Spotlight: Sinful Colors - Verbena & Nail Junkie

 Hi guys, sorry it's a little late, but I'm back today with another edition of Sunday Spotlight.  Today's brand is one I have only tried very recently, Sinful Colors.  They are available from Boots at a mere £1.99 for 15ml.  I bought mine in-store, but they are also available online here, with a much better selection than my local Boots.  All they have is a cardboard stand at the end of the others, and that was half was Boxing Day though :)
* This will be a picture heavy post - yaaaaaaay!

So, I will start with my favourite from the 5 that I purchased, just because it's gorgeous, and I can't wait!  This is Nail Junkie, which is a teal jelly, full of teal, blue, and copper, micro and hex glitter.  This is 3 coats with top coat, no undies.  The formula on this was a little challenging.  The first coat was a bit of a train-wreck, but by the 3rd coat, all was well.  I found it easier to apply evenly by spreading it across the cuticle area first, and gently dragging the polish down, a little at a time.  Hope that makes sense to you guys :)

I have recently fallen in love with teal polishes, and this is just beautiful.  Tricky application aside, I adore this, and am willing to work around the formula considering what you get for your money.  I had to stamp over this, so I stamped a lighting bolt from MoYou Back to the 80's 03, and Barry M Gold Foil, which looked like this.
And, I couldn't resist mattifying this bad boy either:

I honestly can't say which I like better, I think this just looks awesome either way.  How about you guys?

The other one I have swatched is Verbena, which is a dark lilac cream.  Most of my lilacs are quite light, and I have been wanting a darker one for ages now.  I did want OPI - Planks a Lot, and whilst I don't think this is a dead-on dupe, as the OPI is a lot cooler-toned, this will certainly do for me!
The pictures for this are not too good, and I apologise.  My camera totally freaked out when I tried to take these, and would not focus for crap!  These photos are a little bit lighter than it looks IRL too, but I'm hoping the daylight bulb I'm waiting for will help with the colour accuracy of my swatches :)
I am also happy to report that these do not smell worse than most other polishes, as that can sometimes be an issue this far down the price range :)
I'd love to know if you guys have any Sinful Color's in your stash, and if so, what do you think of them?