Misa Genie in This Bottle

 Reminder: Wanna have a pretty purple polish visit you? Read this post to learn how you can get Manhattan 610K to pay a visit.

Before this I only had two Misa polishes but I really like them and the quality is so good that I wanted to have more. So I just a while ago I added third one to my collection, and what a pretty one that is!

This is Genie in This Bottle and it's from Wishes collection for spring 2011. I have three coats here with base and top coat. As soon as I took this out of the package that it came in I knew I had to try this immediately. It looked sooooo pretty. And it doesn't disappoint on nail either, it's like fairy dust on nails or something. Just gorgeous! It is also again nice quality, little bit thick, but nothing that one couldn't cope with. It's a bit sheer but imo with a light color like this it doesn't bother. Now I just have to have more of these Misa polishes...


Manhattan 610K

It's here! (Find out how you can get this polish visit you at the end of this post!) -> *CLOSED* Manhattan 610K has found it's new destination

Yep, it's the German polish that is going around the world. Many of you have probably read about this somewhere.. So this was originally Kesha's (Nail Polish Obsession) fabulous idea and started from Germany in last Sebtember. After Germany it went to UK, then several locations in US and now it's back in Europe, here in Finland. How fun is that? Here you can see the previous manis done with this Manhattan 610K:

And here's the mani I did with Manhattan 610K and Color Club Snakeskin:

With these it's probably best to click the pictures to see them bigger.. I saw this post in Acetone and Old Lacquer and thought it would be nice to try it.. My fabric was quite stiff, so there isn't so clear pattern but I thought this was still fun look.

And here's Manhattan 610K by it self (two coats, with base and top coat):

I really like the color and would very much like to keep to this polish, but it's not possible, because I have to send it to someone else. So, would anyone be interested in having this polish visit you?

You have to be able to send this polish forward after you have used it and you also have to have a blog so that you can show your mani to all of us. Other than that, everyone can join. Just leave a comment here on this post with you GFC name, email, blog url and location. I will be taking entries till March 13th, 2011 and after that I will pick a random winner and send this polish forward.


Jesse's Girl Confetti

Sorry about not blogging for couple days, but I've been so stressed out with all the school work I've have had literally no time for anything else than school, eating  and sleeping.. I had this speech I had to give couple days ago.. Well, I don't like speeches very much and on top of that this had to be in Swedish. Yeah, Swedish is official language here in Finland (with Finnish, of course), but like almost every other Finnish speaker, I'm not very good at Swedish.. And the speech had to be academic, of course, as it is a part of my studies.. Anyways, it was really stressful preparing it and also finally giving it, but for even my own surprise it apparently went quite well. At least it's now over and I don't have to ever do it again (hopefully, nothing against Swedish though..)

Oh well, lets move on to the polish, shall we..

So I have another Jesse's Girl polish for you today, take a look:

This is called Confetti. It was a bit sheer, if I remember correctly this was four (thin) coats (with base and top coat), but I say it is worth it as it is really pretty.

I ordered this and some other Jesse's Girl polishes from their web site, and I just have to  say that the delivery was really fast and the polishes were nicely packed. Delivery took only week or so, which is imo quite fast as there is 'some' kilometres between Finland and US. And they also included some eyeshadow samples (quite many actually) so overall I was more than pleased how everything was. And the price of these polishes is nice too, only $2.99.

(This was my honest oppinion, nobody paid me anything and I ordered these polishes with my own money)


Franken: purple holo

As I loooove puprle I wanted to have some nice dark purple holo. I do have Color Club's Wild at Heart in my collection but I wanted something else, more warm toned one.. So I did some frankening and here it is:

I think I did a decent job, though the holo effect could be even more dense, but it's definately more dense than the one in CC Wild at Heart if I may say.. This is btw two coats here, with base and top coat. And the polishes that I used for this were China Glaze Evening Seduction, Color Club Fashion Addict and Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, there was maybe the same amount of the two first ones and then little less of Daddy's Girl.. I think. I was just experimenting.


IsaDora Masterpiece Pink & China Glaze Below Deck

I'm still waiting for my China Glaze crackles to arrive, so in the meantime I had to have some crackle fun with IsaDora.

So this is Masterpiece Pink over China Glaze Below Deck. I'm not still sure if I love this crackle look or not, but still I had to order some of those China Glaze crackles. Oh well.. It's sure gives a quick change to your manicure if you want to and is really easy 'nail art'..


China Glaze Below Deck

So another polish from China Glaze's newest collection:

This is Below Deck, I have two coats here with base and top coat. The last pic is taken under direct sunlight. This is supposed to be very close to the popular and long gone China Glaze Channelesque, but I don't have that so I can't compare. Anyways, this is really pretty color and as soon as I saw the first swatches of this is knew I would love it as I love colors like this. It's quite chic color and fairly easy to apply. Little thick but not too much.


China Glaze Evening Seduction & Milani HD

I'm not done with those Milani holos yet. Or at least I have this one post for you today featuring one Milani holo, HD. I wanted to try layering it over some dark polish and here's the result:

So this is HD over China Glaze Evening Seduction. And I just have to say OMG! I don't usually use that "phrase" but this combo really deserves it. HD just really seems to come alive over some darker polish and you can see all the amazing colors. Remember that you can always click on pics to see better.. First when I applied HD over Evening Seduction it was a bit "meh" but when you get a glimpse of light, especially sunlight, on nails, it's just amazing. Oh, and this was just one quite thin coat of HD over two coats of Evening Seduction. 

Here's a pic of ES by it self:

Two coats, with base and top coat, though this was so glossy by itself that it shines even without top coat, but I'm so used to using one.. Anyways, pretty vampy purple, looks almost black in dim lighting. This is quite well pigmented, so you might only need one thicker coat. The only problem that I had with this was that it was a bit runny, so you need to be careful if you don't want it to be all over your cuticles. Other than that, really nice purple.

And sorry about the bit messy look, I was in a hurry to take pictures when I still had some sunlight so there was no time to clean up or anything..